In 2022, my artistic journey took an exciting turn when I discovered the concept of generative art driven by the unpredictable beauty of algorithmic creation. This inspired me to breathe new life into jewellery and challenge the idea of "lifelessness" of 3D models (I often heard people say they were "easy to make", which is not true anyway in case of small batch production like I produce in my home studio). My first collection, Cellular (2023), draws inspiration from Voronoi diagrams, a mathematical model used to calculate spaces between dots. The colours of the cells are randomly chosen as well (using programming), inviting a sense of spontaneity and collaboration into the creative process. Wuth which force am I actually co-creating? My use of plique-a-jour enamelling brings light into the designs, symbolising life and creativity. Randomness has been invited to work together with me to bring these pieces to life.

The Generative Flowers (2023) collection features computer-generated flowers that are unique, just like in nature: each petal's angle and size are different in every piece, guided by a random number. Only four flowers of each color exist, making them one-of-a-kind pieces. Each of the pieces questions the parallels between human invention and nature's creativity.

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